Double-side Tandem Coating Machine
Main Advantages:
The back roller direct drive technology ensures the coating speed and accuracy
Simulation calculation of oven drying to ensure high-speed coating and drying
Online closed-loop control of online coating thickness measurement and feeding system
High-precision die from an international supplier
Smaller overall manufacturing footprint compared to tandem lines
Fewer problems with wrinkles at the coating point
Equipment Application:
Be applied for simultaneous dry-type coating of Anode and cathode materials.
30-100 m / min
Production speed
800 / 1500 mm
Production width

Electricity / heat

transfer oil / steam

Heating method

Slot type extrusion


Coating method
Micro-gravure Coating Machine
Main Advantages:
Be installed with single- or double-layer full roller oven
Low-cost, easy-to-operate, flexible coating equipment
Configurable for simultaneous double-sided coating
Enables low or zero-tension winding for separator coating separator coating
Compact manufacturing footprint compared to tandem lines
Equipment Application:
Be suitable for the substrate primer and separator coating production of large-scale power and stored energy battery
50-100 m / min
Production speed
650 / 1400 mm
Production width

Thickness deviation ≤0.5 μm

(coating thickness ≥1μm)

Coating method
Coating Machine & Proton-film Making Machine
Main Advantages:
Speed precision: 10μm±0.3μm
Good homogeneity and high output: high mixing quality from screw and barrel
Slot die coating for sandwich coating structure
Energy saving and minimum maintenance
Equipment Application:
Hydrogen fuel cell membrane electrode roll-roll production, proton exchange membrane precision coating compound production
1-10 m / min
Production speed
420 / 500 / 740 mm
Production width