New energy electric drive KD&AB eight-in-one automatic assembly line
Machine Features:
Flexible design
The loading and unloading materials are automatically grasped by robots with 3D/2D vision
Deep integration and modular design of the whole line
The main equipment includes pressure assembly, tightening, leakage test, turnover, visual inspection, starting torque measurement, electrical performance test, noise test, etc
Automatic material distribution through MES/WMS and AGV
3 kinds of products
Compatibility range
Production beat
Number of machines
Number of operators
Annual output 240,000 units
Designed production capacity
Site size
Automation rate
Automatic Production Line for Stator and Rotor Assembly of New Energy motor -HV motor
Four six-axis robots are used for the whole line, and AGV automatically loading and unloading.
All data are uploaded to MES, hardware interface is reserved.
Each manual station is equipped with an LCD for displaying process documents.
Equipped with a 2030*1150mm large screen.
NG products are automatically rolled off the assembly line and run by AGV to the repair area.
φ380×305~ φ450×380
Compatibility range
100,000 units per year
Designed production capacity
Production beat
259 (Automation rate: 80%)
Number of machines
Number of employees
30m (L) * 13m 9 (W) * 3.8m (H)
Site size
Changing time