Z-folding High-speed Stacking Equipment
Main Advantages:
Stacking accuracy ±0.5mm
Precisely control the number of sheets, avoiding suctioning overmuch sheets or missing any sheet
Controllable separator tension to avoid wrinkles
Several dust absorption designs, effectively reduce cross-infection of materials and environmental pollution
A stable and efficient stacking process with a stacking table moves back and forth
Equipment Application:
Be applied for simultaneous dry-type coating of Anode and cathode materials.
0.6-1.2 s / pcs
Production speed
80-300 mm / 80-220 mm
Production length/width
150-400mm / 80-150mm
Production length/width
250-590 mm / 80-150 mm
Production length/width
Cutting&stacking Machine
Main Advantages:
Linear speed: ~40m/min
Accuracy: ±0.2mm, burr ≤12um (horizontal & vertical)
Coil loading: 300-800kg
Stacking precision ±0.5mm
Precise sheet control to avoid excess or missing sheets
Controllable separator tension to aviod wrinkles
Dust absorption for reduced cross-infection and pollution
Stable, efficient stacking on a movable table
Equipment Application:
Stack multiple layers of positive & negative electrode sheets and separators into a cell in Z-shape mode
0.6-1.2 s / pcs
Production speed
220 min / pcs
Production speed

80-300 / 80-220 mm

150-400 / 80-150 mm

250-590 / 80-150 mm

Production Length/width

100-400 / 80-350 mm

250-590 / 80-350 mm

Production Length/width
Coating Machine & Proton-film Making Machine
Main Advantages:
Dual-axis automatic unwinding, deviation correction and Tension control
Visual inspection for upper and lower surface defects of the electrode sheet
Maximum flexibility in terms of tab shape and cell chemistry
Automatically adjust the tab gap to achieve variable tab cutting
The cutting process has several dust removal designs, e.g. winding dust removal, there is no dust accumulation in the cutting area Has cutting MARK hole function and R angle function
Has CCD online detection of tab quality and size, no scrap cutting
Equipped with a guide plate, tab pressing rib and other mechanisms to prevent tab folding
Double-side dust removal and waste compression mechanism to make sure there is no secondary pollution when cleaning scissels
Equipment Application:
Be applied for laser cutting and stacking in material boxes for tabs when fast and precise processing is required.
Be applied for laser forming for tabs and electrode sheet fillet.
≥60m / min
Production speed
Φ700 mm / 6 in
Maximum outer / inner diameter (mm)
150-600 mm / 0.2(including blank)
Width / Tolerance(mm)



Heat affected zone
≤7μm (lengthways)
Foil zone cuting /slitting quality
≤110,000 class
Dust control